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Building the world’s first sustainable ICO platform to improve everyone’s ICO experience

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When will the White Paper be issued?

It’s already done, follow the link in the header to download it!

How much will each token cost during the Token Sale?

100 HIX Token = 1 EUR

Who is allowed to participate?

You need to confirm that:

(a) I am not currently located in, or otherwise ordinarily resident in, a country or territory that is the target of United States economic or trade sanctions (currently, Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and the Crimea region of Ukraine).

(b) I am not identified on the U.S. Treasury Department’s list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons, the U.S. Commerce Department’s Denied Person List , the EU Consolidated List of Persons, or similar lists of sanctioned persons.

(c) I am not acting for or on behalf of any person on the above-identified lists or the government of a country or territory that is the target of United States economic or trade sanctions.

(d) I am not otherwise the target of United States economic or trade sanctions.

How many tokens will be issued?

5 Billion

How much do you plan to raise in the Token Sale?

35 Mio. EUR

Will there be any discounts offered for early token purchasers?

Private Investor Presale 50%

Public Pre-Sale 30%

When will the Token Sale launch?

Public Pre-Sale: July 12th, 2018 – July 27th, 2018

Main Sale: September 13th, 2018 – October 31st, 2018

Is there a minimum investment?

Minimum investment = 100 EUR for Public Pre Sale

Can I invest directly from an exchange?

No, we will progress to be listed on exchanges after the Main Sale.

What currencies can I use to buy HIX tokens?

You can use: ETH, Bitcoin, LTC , Ripple, EUR, USD

Will the token be on an Exchange(s)?

Yes, after the Main Sale.

What can I use the tokens for?

You can use the tokens for services on the HELIX Orange Platform including being a VIP Investor and gaining bonus and preferential conditions.

As an ICO Project: You can gain investors with trusted KYC-Date to participate in your ICO.

What if the Token Sale doesn’t raise the amount being targeted?

We have a soft cap of 1Mio. EUR. If this is not reached, all contributors of the Public Sale will be refunded.

Is this token a “utility” token?

Yes, the HIX token is a utility token.

How do I purchase HIX Tokens?

You can purchase HIX tokens during the Token-Sale here. After HIX is listed on any Exchange, you will be able to trade HIX on the secondary market.

Who do I contact if I have any problems with the main sale?

Please send us a message at

How do I know I can trust HELIX Orange’s ICO?

HELIX Orange is a project by Blockchain HELIX, a stock based company that has existed for many years and has high credibility in the market.

The underlying Identity solution has been undergoing development for a good period of time and a public Alpha is available. All contributions are secured by BitGo Multisig Wallets.

How is HELIX Orange ICO different from other ICOs?

HELIX Orange addresses the biggest pain point in the market, lack of trust with a trustful Digital Identity that complies with KYC regulations and all other regulatory compliance requirements. HELIX Orange already has a product in Alpha version. The founder, Oliver Naegele, is one of the long-term Blockchain Evangelists. The business model is solid, committed and trusted.

Why did Blockchain HELIX decide to launch an ICO?

As HELIX Orange is an ICO Platform, we decided to be our own first investors essentially to show our passion in our Platform, but also to be familiar with all the pain points and to raise an investors’ pool for all our upcoming ICO projects on the Platform. We, as HELIX Orange, believe in the disruptive power of democratizing investment. And we believe that the industry will benefit from HELIX Orange and vice versa.

What is KYC? What are the requirements?

KYC means “Know Your Customer” and describes the need to have certain legal documents and other pertinent information from the potential customer to prove their identity. It is necessary to prohibit fraud and money laundering. The KYC process is different depending on the amount of money that the customer wants to invest and the country of residency of the customer.

When does the minting happen?

The initial HIX Tokens are all minted, and they will be given to the token buyers directly after the Main Sale. During the Main Sale, the buyer can see the quantity of tokens purchased in their own personalized dashboard.

When will the 5% referral tokens be credited?

All referral tokens will credited after the Main Sale. However, you will be able to see your earned referral tokens in the dashboard.

When can I sell my HIX?

You can sell your HIX token after HIX has been listed and is active on any Exchange.

How does HELIX Orange work?

HELIX ORANGE is an ICO-Marketplace with an investors pool, ICP project pool, VIP-Club and an ICO-Listing.

When will the HELIX Orange Platform launch?

The MVP KYC Service is already live and the platform will go live with core features in December 2018.

Is HELIX Orange available worldwide?

Due to certain restrictions and regulations we are not able to offer HIX tokens worldwide, certain countries are excluded. However, in the future we hope to offer worldwide.

What about your token economy?

TOKENS FOR SALE = 3.500.000.000 HIX
SOFT CAP= 1.000.000 EUR
HARD CAP = 35.000.000 EUR

Do you have a step-by-step guide how to buy tokens?

Yes, you can find it on Medium in our channel or click here.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept EUR, USD, ETH, BTC, Ripple and LTC.

Which wallets do you support?

During the Sale we are working with BitGo that provides the most secure Multi-Sig Wallets on the market. For the transfer later, you need to give us your ETH Address.

Can I have your contract address and your ETH wallet address,?

Tokenname = HIX
decimals = 18
Contract Address = 0xb1465f07c1d8b826f25dc22c55d69e09c4a9c5f5

You can find all related information on Etherscan as the HIX token is listed there. Please note that we are distributing the tokens later. So you will not find your donation in there.

Disclaimer: Always double check that your browser is secure and https is valid.

Can I send crypto from an exchange?

No, that is not possible.

What if I send more BTC/ETH than I committed for?

Please send us a message at ico@helix-orange.comand we will take care of it.

My purchase failed, can I try again?

Please check if the transaction is still pending, If you need supprt, please use our Live Chat.

Can I buy HIX after the main sale closes?

No. Once the Main Sale closes HIX tokens will only be available through Exchanges where HIX will be listed.

What happens to the tokens when the purchase is not confirmed within 10 hours?

The transaction will be denied. If this happens, please contact us via Live Chat so that we can help you.

Can I make multiple purchases on one account?

Yes, of course.

How is the HELIX Orange token sale any different than all the other ICOs?

For only 100 EUR you will receive benefits as a VIP Investor including exclusive benefits. You will also receive your very own HELIX ID that you can use on our Digital Identity Platform for One-Time KYC.

Will we be able to mine HIX?

No, this is not possible.

Can we buy through international exchanges?

This will be possible at a later date, once HIX is listed on Exchanges.

When will it be listed on exchanges?

After the Main Sale. The listing depends on the pricing and on the terms and conditions.

Which exchanges will HIX tokens be listed on?

We are in contact with various international exchanges and we expect the HIX token to be listed on big exchanges.

How do I claim the free 500 HIX tokens for joining the HELIX Orange Telegram Channel?

Please register to get your free 500 HIX tokens. NOTE: Tokens will be distributed after the Main Sale (after August 31st, 2018).

What do I need to do to get the Referral bonus?

Invite your friends & earn more – You will both get a 5% extra bonus!

All you have to do is:
1. Register here
2. Get your Referral Link
3. Spread the link to your friends

How can I join the BOUNTY program?

Please sign up to our Telegram Channel, we will inform you there.

How do I get my HIX to MYETHERWALLET?

You need to add our custom HIX token. We produced a video that describes how it is done.

Who do I contact if I have any problems with the main sale?

Please contact Live Chat and we ask that you provide us your email address so that we can best help you.

Are the Pre-Sale tokens already transferable?


When will the 5% referral tokens be credited?

It will be credited directly in the dashboard.

Has the ICO thought about how they will enforce against the new rights for individuals laid out in the GDPR?

The dashboard for the token sale is GDPR compliant. Our website is GDPR compliant. We respect your data at all times.