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Are you an ICO investor?

Avoid scams and save time by investing on our platform.

Don’t invest in scammy or doomed-to-failure ICOs

All the ICOs on our platform have been thoroughly investigated when it comes to their credibility and potential. We mute all the ICO noise and sift through only the most credible ICOs, with concrete technology behind them and long-term project goals.

HELIX Orange saves you a lot of time that you put into screening your investments and a lot of money by blocking out the scammy and weak offerings and featuring only the legitimate ones with the highest chance of success.

Don’t waste your time and energy on multiple KYC and AML registrations

With HELIX Orange, you will never need to go through the arduous task of signing up to each ICO’s KYC process. On our platform, you do KYC once to invest in multiple ICO’s.

With just a single registration you have a highly secure digital HELIX-ID with which you can seamlessly invest in all ICOs of your choice on the platform without ever repeating the registration process.

Protect your identity

With 80% of today’s ICOs being outright scams, identity theft is a real danger.

Instead of sending your ID to unknown ICO projects with every investment, use our digital-ID solution (HELIX ID) which allows you to maintain ownership of the identity data and high level security because it’s stored on it’s own private blockchain.

The rule is simple here: HELIX ID makes sure that third parties do not have access to your data, so there is less opportunity to get it.

Get the best deals which include Private Sale Offers and Pre-ICO offers

We are actively negotiating great deals on behalf of our potential investors.

As a HELIX Orange member you are basically getting exclusive discounts and bonuses on some of the best ICOs in the world, which vastly increases your potential profits.

We help your investments succeed by taking care of regulatory work

Many ICOs run into trouble with regulators for lack of proper KYC, which puts your investment at risk. HELIX Orange ensures regulatory, privacy and security compliance by taking care of these matters for all ICOs featured on our platform.

Buy HIX tokens as an investor and get first access to ICO projects on our platform

✔ By investing in HIX, you will get early access to the pre-selected ICO projects, giving you exclusive access to make a move before anyone else.

✔ Our token burn program and early investor bonuses are designed to ensure the value of HIX tokens keeps increasing.

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