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Doing an ICO? HELIX Orange will make your life easier

Get funding the easy way. Showcase your project in front of a large pool of pre-selected, KYC/AML-compliant investors.

HELIX Orange allows you to shortcut the funding process and focus on what’s most critical – your product development.

We make your project visible to an active pool of KYC/AML-ready investors, so you don’t have to do all the marketing and investor-checking yourself.

This means you spend less time and money on marketing your ICO. You are going to be displayed on our marketplace as a scam-free, trustworthy investment to a large pool of active investors.

All the regulation-clearance and identity-checking is on us. No need to waste time on screening your investors.

We take all regulatory work on us, saving you from paperwork headaches and expensive mistakes.

Regulation is complex, painful, boring and expensive. It is inconsistent globally and continually evolving. Every month it is becoming more and more localized and fragmented.

If you want to launch an ICO and don’t stay up-to-date with regulations, you have to pay for your costly mistakes.

HELIX Orange deals with all the KYC/AML-checks for you, so that you can do what you love – develop your product instead of becoming a full-time lawyer.

We take care of the privacy of your investors’ data, saving you from costly GDPR-related fines.

Recent regulations by the European Union regarding data privacy make you responsible for protecting the sensitive ID data of your investors based in EU.

These new regulations force you to establish a costly and complex infrastructure around data protection. Failure to accommodate to the regulations, or any data leak, can result in up to 20 million Euros in fines.

HELIX ID takes the GDPR risk away from you. Using HELIX ID as all the investor ID data is stored securely on our private blockchain, making us the party responsible for protecting your investors’ ID data.

A Stamp of Approval on HELIX automatically establishes the credibility of your project and earns investors’ trust.

With 80% of ICOs being regarded as outright scams, earning investors’ trust can be one of the hardest things when it comes to marketing your ICO. And it’s only going to get more difficult in the future.

Every month there is an increasing number of fraudulent and collapsed ICOs, which makes investors more and more sceptical before they even consider reaching for their wallet.

Getting on the HELIX Orange platform places a scam-free stamp on your ICO, marking you as a safe investment. This greatly increases the number of investors that are willing to put their money into your project.

Buy HIX tokens as an ICO-project and get early exposure to a launch community of pre-screened investors.

✔ By investing in HIX as an ICO, you claim your spot among the early-exposure projects that we display to our pool of pre-screened investors.

✔ Our token burn program and early investor bonuses are designed to ensure the value of HIX tokens keeps increasing.

Claim your ICO benefits now!