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The marketplace connecting quality ICO projects with KYC-ready investors

Our ICO starts in DAYS

Get access to our ICO before everyone else and claim your 5% HIX bonus!

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Invest in the best start-up of 2017 at the Silicon Valley TIE50 Awards

The reason why we won the award is because we are successfully solving one of the biggest problems in the ICO world – lack of efficiency and trust that occurs during the funding process.

Winner TIE50 Silicon Valley Award 2017 Nominee FinTech Award Germany 2018 Best Project & Pitch at Meet the VC Event Singapore 2018

Fact #1 – ICOs are growing

ICOs have raised over $6.7 billion in 2018. Experts predict that ICO is a trend which is only going to keep growing and change the investment landscape.

Fact #2 – Scam ICOs cause problems

The growth of the industry and emergence of fraudulent ICOs has resulted in:

✘ Lack of trust between investors and ICOs regarding money and private data.

✘ Regulations which are complex, painful and expensive.

Opportunity – make the industry grow faster

Despite the ICO growth potential, projects could be raising money a lot faster if they weren’t inhibited by lack of efficiency regarding regulations and lack of trust between the ICOs and potential investors.

This is why we’ve put together an experienced team with one mission:

To build the leading marketplace establishing trustful interaction between all acting parties in ICOs.

You are investing in 2 products that will revolutionize the ICO world.

HELIX ID is your digital identity on it’s own permissioned blockchain. You can do your KYC/AML with it and it is going to become a necessity in the future ICO market.

A lot of ICOs inhibit their growth or outright fail by getting stuck in regulatory swampland which causes them to delay timelines, slow down their operations or repay their investors. And regulations are only getting more complex and localized every month.

Digital ID is the only way to cope with this future, as it allows to automate the regulatory processes, while maintaining the ownership of the data in the ID owners’ hands.

HELIX Orange is the marketplace that features HELIX-ID verified investors and ICOs. It is going to become the go-to platform for serious ICO investments.

HELIX Orange decreases ICOs’ costs by showcasing them in front of a community of qualified, active investors and eliminating expensive KYC/AML checks.

It increases ICOs chances of success and in turn makes investments safer for investors.

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HELIX Orange marketplace is the first use case of Digital ID. Ever.

HELIX Orange marketplace with HELIX ID will increase ICOs’ success rates by taking much of the regulatory burden off their shoulders.

The peace of mind HELIX Orange marketplace with HELIX ID provides will result in safer investments for investors. As an investor, you will also enjoy the benefits of reduced paperwork every time you want to invest.

How HELIX Orange makes its members’ lives easier

As an Investor:

✔ Save time! Take care of KYC and AML regulations once for all your investments on our platform.

✔ Avoid scams! Browse verified ICOs that passed a scam-screening process.

✔ Make safer investments! We make our ICOs more successful by helping them with marketing and legal.

✔ Get exclusive bonuses! Access pre-ICO deals for being part of the investor pool in our platform.

✔ Get control over your private data with HELIX ID.


As an ICO:

✔ Save money on marketing! Let us display your project in front of our pool of investors.

✔ Save money on legal! Forget about KYC/AML checks as all of our members are already compliant.

✔ Save time! Our help with KYC/AML and investors seeking allows you to focus on product development.

✔ Forget about GDPR! HELIX ID securely stores your investors’ data so that you do not need to worry about up to €20 million fines.

✔ Stand out from the crowd of scammy ICOs by getting into our database of safe investments.


Now is the best time to invest in our award-winning growth plan.

Our growth plan has been recognized by numerous start-up competitions as well as numerous blockchain experts. It is rare for an ICO to have so many credentials backing it up.

Our ICO starts in DAYS

Get access to our ICO before everyone else and claim your 5% HIX bonus!

Access the sale before it goes live

Why HELIX Orange?

Fabian Vogelsteller

Lukso, Founder

“I love to see so much work done around self-sovereign digital identity. Oliver is working on this for quite a while. Now with HELIX Orange, he is taking this to a fully compliant level, with strong security in data access and storage. I favor a more decentralized approach, but it is a good start to approach digital identity.”

Toni Caradonna

Head SDE, Synectics Europe

“HELIX Orange is solving a multitude of the problems in the blockchain space. And not just that: Look at the team, their track-record and experience, and the partners they onboarded before the event started, the regulatory boxes that they have already checked and the MVP that exists. It cannot get much better really.”

Henri de Jong

Buiness Developement, Quantoz

“The experienced HELIX Orange Team addresses one of the most important challenges that ICOs are currently facing: access to a community of potential investors, whereas these investors needs to be identified and their investments be compliant with financial regulation.”

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Jürgen Weiss

Executive, Seal One

“With HELIX Orange there is the chance to build a strong, regulatory conform and secure ecosystem which is a need as one option regarding financing future innovations.”

Jakob Gülünay

CEO, Forkwealth

“We see many ICO projects failing or struggling because of incompliant or inefficient KYC checks. The ICO industry needs a solution urgently. HELIX Orange is solving the major pain points.”

Maximilian Voigt

Co-Founder, Gründermaschine

“I am convinced that HELIX Orange will be the future market leader in providing digital identities. This service provides a massive benefit for all blockchain and ICO aficionados and is very scalable. Moreover, the ingenious team behind Blockchain HELIX works hard to deliver a top-notch solution.”

Our vision is to create the leading ecosystem around ICOs and related services.

Why we’re the best team to revolutionize ICO world

✔ Our core team consists of the world’s authorities in fields of digital identity, blockchain and legal aspects of ICO which ensures the robust execution and growth of our platform.

✔ We have spent well over a decade working with digital ID management and have been involved in legal regulations of ICO from the very beginning.

✔ We are passionate about the ICO world and understand it like no-one else. We have been involved in its development from the very beginning.

✔ We are running FinTech Headquarter with 430 members. We initiated Blockchain Frankfurt meetup with +1900 members and function Community Lead of Ethereum Central Germany meetup with +1000 members.

Select a member of our core team to explore their role at HELIX Orange

Oliver Naegele


Oliver is one of the world’s authorities in the aspects of Digital Identity, Blockchain and KYC. He has acquired a deep understanding of digital authority management during his 15-year-long career in IT security.

He is the initiator of the Blockchain Frankfurt MeetUp and of the German wide network FinTech Headquarter and also one of the founding members of The Germany Blockchain Federal Association.

Felix Scheffka


Felix is an expert in Financial Analysis responsible for the analytical setup of the token model as well as the underlying business plan of HELIX Orange.

Felix founded Frankfur’s local FinTech meetup which is the biggest meetup-based FinTech community in continental Europe. He is a guest lecturer for FinTech and Innovation in Finance.

Alexander Rockstroh


With over 20 years of work experience in the IT industry, Alexander has managed operations of companies with hundreds of employees. He boasts excellent IT / Infrastructure as well as Project / Program Management and delivery skills.

Dr Khanh Dang Ngo


Dang is responsible for Legal & Regulatory of HELIX Orange.

He is an experienced lawyer for financial services, his focus lying on the emission of securities using Blockchain technology. Dang engages himself in many different forms to expand the knowledge and use of Blockchain technology in the finance industry and its legal implications.

Mark Van Den Arend


Mark is facilitating the successful sale of HELIX Orange’s token (HIX). He is engaged in the development of supporting sales material as well as the approach of and interaction with investors.

After having worked in corporate & investment banking for 22 years, Mark founded WIR Finanzierer Group and is on the advisory board of Investor Partners.

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Lothar understands any code a human can develop. He is a developer with a broad and deep understanding and experience of docker, fullstack development, sophisticated testing ñ and of course in blockchain, especially Ethereum.

He has worked in many projects for the German government and many brands like Mini and BMW.



Sandra is responsible for the marketing efforts of HELIX Orange.

Sandra is our marketing manager and she has worked in marketing and communication agencies for many years before joining Blockchain HELIX and FinTech Headquarter. Her love is online & community management and being with people. Therefore it is Sandra’s achievement, that our community is so strong and vibrant.



Steffen is responsible for the brand design of HELIX Orange.

He has a track record of 10 years of brand building, design and communications for all kinds of industries. From start-ups to large corporations, from food to finance.

In 2008, at 18 years old and being a student he founded his first company: a mobile app developement studio named “Zeichenkraftwerk”. After graduating at the Hochschule Mainz he went back to Frankfurt and founded the design & communications agency Gegenwart with his partner Boris Markic.

Together with Boris he also developed, designed and is distributing the spirit “Tesla Sljivo” for which they received several design & spirits industry awards. They also just started investing in Start-Ups with their new company Gegenwart Ventures.



Boris is responsible for the brand strategy of HELIX Orange.

He has a track record of 16 years of brand building, strategy and communications for all kinds of industries. From start-ups to large corporations, from food to finance.

In 2002, at 18 years old and being a student he founded his first digital design agency together with a partner from school. While graduating at the Hochschule Mainz he went to New York to work with Siemens and later to Paris for the design studio intégral Ruedi Baur. Back in Frankfurt he founded the design & communications agency Gegenwart with his partner Steffen Schaller.

Together with Steffen he also developed, designed and is distributing the spirit “Tesla Sljivo” for which they received several design & spirits industry awards. They also just started investing in Start-Ups with their new company Gegenwart Ventures.



Alex is an economist turned startup entrepreneur and lean startup enthusiast. Having been engaged in several startup projects in the last 4 years, Alex has quickly embraced the advantages of a strong user centric development process. He consults corporates and startups on product and business model innovation.

He is also co-founder of the design agency Emporion Kreativagentur.



After having worked in several agencies, Dennis founded his first company four years ago. Since then he has specialised in branding and user interface design.

Dennis thinks fast and designs quickly. He is also co-founder and art director of the design agency Emporion Kreativagentur.



Jürgen has been an entrepreneur for most of his life and possesses a profound business knowledge. He is a strong software craftsmanship advocate and blockchain enthusiast.

Jogi earns his living as developer, data protection officer and digitalisation consultant. He is also co-founder of the design agency Emporion Kreativagentur.



Alexandra Ziegler acquired her German university entrance qualification in 1994, toured Europe with Holiday on Ice and then studied theatre, film and media science, as well as media sociology. During her studies she completed various trainee programmes at TV stations and worked as a reporter, editor, host and independent journalist. She started at RTL Hessen as a trainee and then worked as a permanent employee for various TV stations and production companies. Alexandra has been an independent director and producer for well-known TV productions and companies for 14 years. She also has many years of experience as a marketing director. Her areas of expertise also include content marketing, influencer marketing, storytelling (for film, print and audio), press texts, newsletters etc. Alexandra speaks German, English, Spanish, French and Italian.



Kim is a university dropout, entrepreneur, business angel and advisor that wants to change the world for good. His past lies in FinTech and IoT, his passion with HR and New Work. He is currently building HRTech Startups and advising SMEs as well as Enterprises on how to deal with employees, leaders and the future of HR in the digital era including technologies as blockchain and artificial intelligence.



Ansik graduated from Indian Institute of Technology Madras and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, and brings in complex understanding of financial modeling, engineering, and software development. He has multi-disciplinary experience in academia, IT, general management, and finance, and is responsible for developing core platform of (three) fin-tech startups, and helps in inculcating fresh perspectives to the business plan.



Fabian is an experienced ICO Sales Manager, project manager and Cryptocurrency trader and enthusiast. He specializes in bridging the connection to big investors and is extremely motivated with high communication skills for social media.

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Henri de Jong is board member and responsible for business development at Quantoz. He has a track record of more than 25 years of bringing new technologies to the market, like the first route planning systems, digital road maps and electronic publications. In 2001, Henri founded his management consultancy company, Velleda Consulting. Besides that he got interested in self organizing systems which resulted in a number of projects in the energy, logistics (founder and owner of ASK Community Systems GmbH) and healthcare markets (co-founder of REGAS Deutschland GmbH).

Henri worked on several European healthcare initiatives and is co-author of “Technology-based innovations to foster personalized healthy life styles and wellbeing”.Blockchain Technology brings together Henri’s interest in self organization and software algorithms. His focus now is on developing Quasar, a settlement system that can be used for IoT payments.



Dennis is a successful entrepreneur and investor who has an extensive experience in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Being one of the early adopters in the industry, he strongly believes that the world of cryptocurrencies has a lot of potential to grow in the years to come. Thus, he has made it both his personal and professional goal to build a working ecosystem for various tech and blockchain startups on an international scale.



Successful tech entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast, Max was involved in digital currencies when the industry was still at its infancy. With meritorious experience across Blockchain development, SEO services, corporate as well as social media marketing, Max has assisted in numerous successful crypto-token projects, developing winning strategies and meeting funding requirements within the projected timeframe.

Maxís passion for the industry inspired him to share his knowledge, and he co-founded, a successful platform with the mission of arming individuals with a competitive edge over other traders/investors with in-house Crypto Formulas and Strategies.



Jürgen Weiss has founded NOVOSEC AG in 2001, an IT-security specialist realizing consulting and software development projects for banks and corporations to secure ecommerce platforms. Besides his work as CEO of the company, he was also active as a consultant for various security related bank projects focused on card based payment transactions and in the areas of online and mobile banking.

In addition to his activity for NOVOSEC AG, in 2009 Jürgen founded Seal One AG, an innovative FinTech company specialized in the development and implementation of hard- and software based security solutions based on strong digital signatures.





Michael is VP at Cognizant where he leads the consulting business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He has more than 25 years experience in management and strategy consulting and in leading numerous transformation programs for enterprises in various sectors. Michael was lead of strategy consulting ASG at Accenture.

As Co-Founder of Traxpay and Business Angel, he is engaged in multiple start-ups with focus on applied AI, Blockchain and FinTech.





Dr. Osman Sacarcelik is a banking and finance lawyer. He advises banks, financial institutions and FinTechs in financial services and regulatory law matters. He is particularly involved in ICO legal advisory services. Osman has worked for international law firms in Frankfurt and a tax/audit firm in Geneva (Switzerland).

He is also Frankfurt Chapter Director of Startup Grind, one of the largest international startup organizations.



Kęstutis Gardžiulis is a Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at ETRONIKA. He has over 20 yearsí of experience in digital identity, FinTech, digital banking, smart retail and on-line fraud detection. His teams got multiple international awards for digital banking solutions and they were among the first in the world to implement the commercial mobile electronic signature solution which became the backbone of the national wireless PKI infrastructure in Lithuania. Kestutis is also known for experimenting with natural user interface-based on-line banking prototypes. He acted as the CEO of ETRONIKA for many years, he also served as the vice-president of Lithuanian ICT association and he has previous experience in banking sector and voice-recognition for forensic examination. Currently, Kestutis is an active enthusiast and contributor to FinTech and Blockchain communities, speaker in various international forums on the future of finance and the challenges of the industry 4.0. Kestutis is a member of Advisory Boards for different ICOs. He holds a degree in Physics (Quantum Electronics) and Visuals Arts, and he has a keen interest in digital identity, science, technology, AI, space, TED conferences and semantic web.



Maximilian is a finance expert with a strong tech & legal background. While studying at the Frankfurt School and University of Oxford, Maximilian has been working for different funds and investment banks.

Moreover, he worked with several FinTech companies while managing the Frankfurt based FinTech incubator Gruendermaschine.



Toni is a physicist and has been active in the blockchain scene for several years. He has written the world’s first Smart Contract for UNICEF. Two years ago, he initiated and programmed a blockchain ecosystem for the world’s first Ethereum-funded film. Together with the Swiss Porini Foundation, he has set up his own blockchain for the implementation of the sustainability goals of the United Nations. One of the applications on this blockchain is a business process mapping in 160+ countries for IUCN (known for UNESCO).

Finally, his company has issued the Scenic Swiscoast GmbH the first private digital Swiss franc.



Dr. Park is currently Director of Blockchain Research Center at Sogang University sponsored by Korean Government and was a President & CEO of National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) from September, 2012 until November 14, 2014. Before joining NIPA, he was a computer science professor (March, 1998-September, 2012) and dean of Graduate School of Information and Technology (March, 2011-September, 2012) at Sogang University.

He had also served as Chairman of Global Fintech Research Institute, Technical Advisor as a member of Creative Economy Commission at Korean Federation of Small and Medium Business (KBIZ) (July, 2013-November, 2014), Technical Advisor as a member of a Committees on Science and Technology at the Federation of Korea Industries (FKI) (September, 2012-November, 2014), Technical Advisor at Presidentís Council on National ICT Strategies(September, 2012), Technical Advisor at National Science & Technology Commission (March, 2011-September, 2012), Chairman of the Committee at Software Policy Research Group (November, 2011-December, 2012), and President at Software Engineering Society (April, 2010-March, 2012).

Dr. Park has published over 55 papers at the top tier outlets including IEEE Computer and Communications of the ACM. He was an editorial board member of Industrial Management and Data Systems Journal, and Journal of Computer and Information Systems. He holds Ph.D. in Information Technology from George Mason University, MS in Computer Science from the Florida State Univ., and BS at Sogang University



ASTRATUM is a blockchain venture studio in Berlin and in blockchain since 2014. Focus is corporate innovation, crypto asset investment and ventures. Previously, he co-founded with Outlier Ventures Blockchain Angels Germany. Sven is since 20 years in digital innovation and had senior management roles at Vodafone Global, Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems. He co-founded in Vienna an interactive integrator and incubator (IPO in 2000). He has an MBA from the University Mannheim (DKFM), and studied digital currencies, blockchain, smart contracts and fintech at the MIT and UNic.

Sven has a passion for P2P since SETI and Napster and his inspiration are novels from William Gibson, Neal Stephenson and Daniel Suarez.



Marco is a banking and financial services lawyer who advises banks, financial services institutions and investment companies on capital market and regulatory law. In this context he advises inter alia on M&A, outsourcing and licensing matters also with regard to FinTech. He has worked many years in the financial industry in Germany and London and previously also qualified as a civil servant with the German tax authorities.



VeganNation is the first global vegan community empowered by a blockchain-based ecosystem.

An entrepreneur with 17 years of experience in real-estate and healthcare, acquiring, developing and leading visionary projects in the multifamily and senior housing sectors.

A true believer in the blockchain revolution and very eager to utilize the various possibilities that the technology holds, in the journey to creating a healthy and sustainable future.



Alireza is a regulatory expert advising ICO initiators with respect to No-Action-Letters and banks in partnering with crypto players. He is a member of the German Bundesblock and the Think Tank LegalBlock contributing in setting up appropriate regulation for all crypto market participants.

Invest in HIX token – the currency of an ICO marketplace of the future.

You can invest in HELIX Orange platform by buying HIX. HIX is our native token and the key economic instrument for transactions on the platform. It’s value is directly correlated with the value of our HELIX Orange marketplace.

Invest now and claim exclusive benefits for early backers

As an early backer you will to receive the following benefits:

Earlier access to the platform with pre-selected pool of investors and ICOs.

VIP access to all services on the HELIX Orange Platform.

Discounts and bonuses on ICO investment exclusive to early backers.

✔ Privileged updates and info that will help the HIX token holder make the first move before anyone else.

HIX tokens are cleverly designed to increase in value over time

Token burn program and early investor bonuses are designed to ensure the value of HIX tokens keeps increasing.

✔ HELIX Orange commits on burning the majority of tokens collected for services on the platform to decrease the supply of HIX and strengthen the market price.

✔ As the ICO world becomes more regulated over time, solutions like HELIX ID and HELIX Orange will become more important, which will directly translate to HIX value.




1 EUR = 100 HIX


TOKENS FOR SALE = 3.500.000.000 HIX

SOFT CAP = 1.000.000 EUR

HARD CAP = 35.000.000 EUR




Apply for a membership on the HELIX Orange marketplace.

Our marketplace is the point of connection between legitimate, high-quality ICOs and active, KYC/AML-ready investors.